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Comedy canceled after White House press briefings outperform comics everywhere

Written by:
E.P Pirt, Jr.

April 23, 2020

Comedians everywhere are throwing their hands up in the air, unable to top the level of comic brilliance coming from the White House. 

As such, all comedy specials on Netflix have been taken down. A spokesperson for the streaming service has stated, “Our viewers want what they want and at this time it turns out that’s daily White House press briefings.” We are in talks with the Trump administration to feature a ‘Best Of’ compilation.”

Having been demoted to ‘non-essential’, no other comic will even attempt to be funny right now, giving way to the President’s superior palette for sarcasm.

“We thought the suggestion of injecting toxic disinfectants into citizen’s bodies would be a real flop, but it actually hit. So clever. Pure comedic genius”, said Ian Brubeck of the Institute for Comedy. “Looks like orange is the new comedy. Ah haaaa.”

photo: NBC

By: E.P Pirt, Jr.

April 23, 2020

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