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Awkward silence as a one-night stand turns into unexpected quarantine

Written by:
E.P Pirt, Jr.

March 19, 2020

A woman and man in their early 20’s have been quarantined unexpectedly after a late-night encounter that both hoped would end after “an hour, tops.”

Brennan “Bren” Stokes, 24, and Jessica Lebel, 21, met on Tinder at approximately 10:35 pm Thursday. Just as things were wrapping up between the two at Lebel’s sublet bedroom around 11:30 pm, a statewide mandatory lockdown went into effect, essentially forcing the recently-acquainted millennials to quarantine themselves and shelter in place.

By midnight, pretending to sleep and using the bathroom way more than necessary were the preferred methods that allowed them to avoid talking to each other altogether.

“I wish I could say the sex was worth all the awkwardness, but that would be a bunch of BS,” said Lebel.

Stokes seemed to view the encounter in a different light but is suffering the subsequent discomfort nonetheless. “I mean yeah, I guess she’s pretty hot, but I was hoping I’d be out of here after an hour, tops. Now I’m stuck in Westminster with an arthritic cat.”

“My phone’s about to die, so I figure after we polish off these last White Claws, we’ll have nothing better to do but to just go for round 2”, Stokes added.

Lebel seemed to think otherwise. “Yeah, that’s definitely not going to happen. I’d rather take my chances with coronavirus than be living this nightmare. It’s one thing to make a drunken mistake; it’s a whole other to be quarantined with it.”

At the time of publication, they had discovered that they both like shrimp flavored Top Ramen.

By: E.P Pirt, Jr.

March 19, 2020

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