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Five Things to do Around Denver Instead of Contracting Coronavirus at South by Southwest

Written by:
E.P Pirt, Jr.

March 5, 2020

In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak that’s infecting more and more Americans every day, one huge corporation after another are pulling out of South by Southwest in Austin, the country’s largest tech/film/music festival. There is talk of cancelling the festival altogether and even a Change.org petition with over 50,000 signatures at the time of writing, urging organizers to do so. Apple and Netflix are the latest big names to cancel, joining a list that includes Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, IBM, Vevo, and Intel.

Austin and Denver frequently draw comparisons to one another and even though we all know Denver is superior, there are sure to be some likeminded Colorado residents planning to head to the festival, whether it be for business or pleasure. But, in the event that it is cancelled, or if you’d rather not take the chance of being “that guy” – you know, the one who brings back a deadly virus that could potentially infect and kill large numbers of Coloradans, there are plenty of ways to entertain yourself right here on the Front Range!

Being the thoughtful and cheery people we are, we’ve listed a few ideas below. As a plus, all of these activities avoid crowds, so you can spend more time sippin’ Coronas, not contracting them!

15 Mile Canyon Road Test Drive

Test drive a $300,000 supercar on 15-miles of scenic canyonlands outside of Golden, CO!

Rock-Climbing Adventure in Colorado’s Front Range

For an exciting, adrenaline-pumping experience when you’re in Denver, head 30 minutes outside the city for a 5-hour rock-climbing adventure!

4 o’clock Nature Hike

There is no better way to finish the day than disconnecting. You will get a nice workout while in great company with views of Red Rocks Amphitheater and downtown Denver.

Fifty-Two 80’s

This modern antique shop is a museum for 80’s Saturday morning cartoon culture.

Pikes Peak Highway

Photo: Kool1079.com

Built in 1915, this winding road is the perfect scenic drive, offering views of lakes, mountains, wildlife and the surrounding area.

By: E.P Pirt, Jr.

March 5, 2020

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