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7 Great Places to Eat in Denver Within One Mile of WorkAbility

Written by:
E.P Pirt, Jr.

February 27, 2020

Denver is bloated with good restaurants to choose from and the area surrounding us here at WorkAbility is no exception. There is a seemingly endless amount to choose from in the Cap Hill / Uptown / 16th Street vicinity alone, but here are seven of my favorites. Give one of them a try on your next lunch break or happy hour if you haven’t already.

City Grille

321 E Colfax Ave

It may come as some surprise that this cozy old Denver haunt and winner of multiple awards for “Denver’s Best Burger”, is owned by a pair


of sisters. Unperturbed by the rise of carbon-free kale wraps and quinoa-stuffed quinoa, Helen and Nancy have stayed true to their hearty, comfort food roots. While the burgers and green chili garner most of the fame, their daily happy hour selection (food + drink) and rotating nightly food specials offer affordable options for almost everyone. For the vegans + vegetarians, they have a decent selection of salads. Or you can fill up on olives on Tuesdays, when martinis start at just $4.

Pro tip: At just 5 or 6 bucks during happy hour, the nachos are a steal.


700 E Colfax Ave


Sliceworks pizza is a great spot to grab a slice (surprise!), before or after hitting a show on Colfax at the Ogden or Fillmore, as it’s right across the street. Somehow, the upstairs bar still seems to be a bit of a hidden gem, which is fine by me because it beats waiting in line for your pie downstairs. They have some of the most creative pizzas in Denver, which you can wash down with a nice cold beer during happy hour from 3-6.

Pro tip: Don’t overlook the buffalo chicken sliders, which are just 7 bucks and are hardly small enough to be called sliders, yet they still give you four of ‘em.

Las Margs


1521 Marion St

Las Margs, an affordable and unassuming Mexican joint is located on Marion Street, just steps from Colfax. Grab a table or post up at the bar and enjoy yummy street tacos, enchiladas, and all the classics, while wetting your whistle with a refreshing margarita or draft beer. They have a huge selection of tequila and some great specials, including $2.99 breakfast burritos, and a Tues-Sun happy hour from 3-7 that features $3 house margs, $2 draft beer & $3 well cocktails. 

Pro tip: Night owls can enjoy 2 for 1 on everything at the bar, every night, from 10pm – close.

Stoney’s Uptown

1035 E 17th Avenue


Five dollar burgers. Need we say more? No, but we will. Stoney’s Uptown Joint, on the corner of 17th and Downing, has a reputation for being a go-to spot to watch a big game, but it’s one of my favorite lunch places too, thanks to reasonable menu prices, quality food, and a friendly waitstaff. It’s usually pretty quiet for lunch, which typically means quick service and a relaxing break from a hectic work day. $1 tacos on Thursdays and 2 for 1 drinks throughout lunch doesn’t hurt either. It’s a token system, meaning they bring you a drink token with your beverage, redeemable at any time, so you don’t have to worry about going back to the office too lit.

Pro tip: If you like your green chili spicy, try Stoney’s.


880 E Colfax Ave


If you need something quick but don’t want fast food, might I recommend Gyroz? They have all the looks of a fast food joint; you can go through the drive thru or order at the counter and have a seat at a basic 2 or 4 top, and the prices range from $5 – $10 depending on the order. But as the name might suggest, this is a Mediterranean joint, which means you don’t have to fat shame yourself as much as you might after stuffing your face with Wendy’s. Lamb and pita bread is still healthy, right? RIGHT???

Pro tip: Splurge on an extra Tzatziki sauce. You deserve it.

Snarf’s / Snarfburger

1001 E 11th Ave


I’ve been a fan of this Colorado sub joint since before they expanded out-of-state. The bread, the giardiniera peppers, the french dip, the tuna melt, the chicken salad…is your mouth watering yet? Well, yesterday I finally tried their new sister restaurant, Snarfburger, and holy cow (get it?). When trying a new burger spot, I think it’s wise to keep it simple with your order. Some places like to hide behind lots of crazy toppings because their burgers aren’t actually all that great. Not Snarfburger. I got the double patty how it comes: American cheese (held the Swiss because I don’t support “neutral” countries), lettuce, tomato, onion, ketchup, hot sauce, and naturally I added bacon because I wasn’t born yesterday. So good. Just the right amount of filling, and the juiciness & ability to eat it without cutting it in half or straining your jaw muscles reminded me of the legendary In-N-Out. Kidding about the Swiss thing, I just don’t like the taste.

Pro tip: Try a bag of voodoo chips with that if you haven’t already

White Pie

1702 Humboldt St


Slightly more upscale than most of this list, White Pie is a newish pizza joint on the corner of 17th and Humboldt (right next to Humboldt Fish and Wine) that makes, in my humble opinion, some of the best pizza in Denver. Call the style whatever hip name you fancy; artisan, brick oven, wood-fired, guido chic. All I know is, it’s damn good. That perfectly modest amount of melted cheese, the crispy, flaky, ever-so-slightly burnt crust, and the most delicious toppings you may or may not have heard of. I’m honestly a sucker for the hip atmosphere too; rustic wood. Exposed brick. White marble. Sexy lighting. Probably some digestifs in mason jars floating around. You know, that whole Early Century Denver Millenial vibe. In all seriousness though, it smells like a campfire inside and I’m here for it. Well, that and the pizza of course.


Pro tip: Somehow the pastas are just as delicious as the pizza and I can’t remember a better tasting Caesar.


Do you agree with this list? What are your favorites in the area? Let us know on social media below.

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By: E.P Pirt, Jr.

February 27, 2020

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