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[Podcast] “Fostering Creativity” – Chris Franks w/ CleverFunnel

Written by:
Caroline Lofts

February 2, 2020

Chris Franks CEO at CleverFunnel – “Fostering Creativity”

In the first episode of Starting Sh*t from WorkAbility, we talk with Chris Franks, CEO of CleverFunnel Digital. Being a growth-focused marketing agency, Chris and his team know a thing or two about Startup Sh*t. As a serial entrepreneur, Chris is familiar with the ups and down of business ownership and offers his insights to help others in the realm of digital marketing so they don’t make the same mistakes he did.

Chris Franks is the CEO and co-founder of CleverFunnel. He finds himself inspired by the brilliant ambition of other entrepreneurs and the mediocrity of Colorado sports teams. As one of the original founders of Denver Startup Week and Denver Founders Network. Despite all of this, his greatest achievement is successfully pitching a product called “Meat Water.”

By: Caroline Lofts

February 2, 2020

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